Sales – Level 3

Course Description

This qualification is designed for people who work in a sales environment, either in sales roles or performing sales functions, and who have direct contact with customers. It covers a range of functions including developing a sales strategy, managing sales territories and teams, and face-to-face and telephone selling.

It gives learners the opportunity to:

    • Develop and demonstrate their competence against National Occupational Standards (NOS)
    • Develop their own personal growth and engagement in learning through the development of personal, learning and thinking skills (PLTS)
    • Have existing skills recognised
    • Achieve a nationally recognised Level 3 qualification

Mandatory units that must be achieved are:

      • Negotiating, Handling Objections and Closing Sales
      • Complying with Legal, Regulatory and Ethical Requirements in a Sales or Marketing Role

There are also a range of optional units to choose from. These will be chosen by you, with advice and guidance from your tutor, to ensure they suit your workplace and role.